Nonnarcotis Analgesics

Chronic Aspirin Exposure Linked to Melanoma Risk in Males

May 09, 2018

After stratification by gender, a significant correlation was seen for aspirin exposure and melanoma diagnosis among males (adjusted relative risk, 1.83; 95% confidence interval, 1.22 to 2.76; P=.004), but not females (adjusted relative risk, 0.53; 95% confidence interval, 0.17 to 1.63; P=.266).

Non-Opioid Meds Compared to Opioids for Acute Extremity Pain

By November 07, 2017

The authors concluded, "The findings suggest that ibuprofen-acetaminophen is a reasonable alternative to opioid management of acute extremity pain due to sprain, strain, or fracture."

What Effect Did FDA's APAP Limit Have on Liver Injury Incidence?

By July 17, 2017

Of the total 18,259 calls during the study period, 5.16% led to N-acetylcysteine administration in 2013 and 5.01% in 2015. Naloxone was administered in 3.63% and 4.02% of cases in 2013 and 2015, respectively.

Do Concomitant Neuropathic Pain Meds Impact Pregabalin Efficacy?

By January 11, 2017

The therapeutic efficacy of pregabalin in treating two types neuropathic pain (NeP) is not influenced by concomitant NeP medications, according to new research published in the journal Pain Physician.