The NFL's Prescription Painkiller Problem

the MPR take:

A group of NFL players is suing the NFL (National Football League) claiming healthcare practitioners employed by NFL teams were giving players copious amounts of prescription drugs in order to keep the players in the game. The players allege that team doctors and trainers were giving players prescription painkillers such as Percocet (oxycodone, acetaminophen), Vicodin (hydrocodone bitartrate, acetaminophen), and Toradol (ketorolac tromethamine).  Players were also given anti-inflammatory agents such as prednisone and anesthetics such as lidocaine to treat pain sustained from injuries on the football field.  All of this was handed to players without any warnings about the adverse effects caused by the drugs or the strong possibility of addiction.   The situation is calling into question the ethics of healthcare practitioners employed by NFL teams.

The NFL's Prescripton Painkiller Problem
The NFL's Prescripton Painkiller Problem
All too often doctors, trainers and other health care professionals who work for professional sports teams are accountable only to their teams and, especially, team owners. The eight plaintiffs, led by 1985 Superbowl champions Richard Dent, Jim McMahon and Keith Van Horne, say the league ...