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Alzheimer's Rate Falling in the U.S.

The number of new cases of dementia has been declining in recent decades in the U.S., Germany, and other developed countries.

Restoring Memory via Implants

Two groups will lead a program to develop and test wireless, implantable devices to restore memory loss due to traumatic brain injury.

Cataract Surgery and Dementia Patients

Along with improving vision, cataract surgery may slow mental decline in people with Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia.

Parkinsonism, ADHD: Genetic Link?

A genetic mutation has been linked to ADHD and may also cause parkinsonism in young people.

Advancement in Blood Test for Alzheimer's

A major advance has been made in creating a blood test to predict when at-risk people will develop Alzheimer's disease.

Sports Concussions: Ethical, Legal Issues

The ethical and legal issues surrounding evaluation, management of patients with sports-related concussions are addressed in a new position paper.

Wearable Exoskeleton for Paraplegia

The ReWalk Personal System has received FDA clearance for use at home and in the community for individuals with paraplegia.

Chart: Multiple Sclerosis Treatments

Review this new chart on multiple sclerosis treatments for quick information when you need it.



Gene Chip Finds New Genetic Risk Factors for Parkinson's Disease

New research has identified over two dozen genetic risk factors involved in Parkinsonism, including six that were previously unknown.

For Dehydration, Brain Has Coping Mechanism

Although dehydration significantly reduces blood flow to the brain, researchers in England have found that the brain compensates by increasing the amount of oxygen it extracts from the blood.


July 2014 Recap of Drug Updates

The summary below gives an overview of important additions and changes MPR has made to its drug database through the end of July. The chart below provides highlights of key monograph updates made this month (not an inclusive list).

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