Does Antioxidant Supplementation Slow Diabetic Kidney Disease Progression?

By June 02, 2017

Since oxidative stress is known to worsen DKD, study authors sought to review available data on the possible benefits of chronic antioxidant supplementation on DKD progression.

Diabetic Nephropathy Rx Trends Investigated

March 27, 2017

DDP-4 inhibitors used in 54 percent of visits in last quarter of 2014; ACE inhibitors, ARBs often used

Orphan Drug Status Granted for C3 Glomerulopathy Treatment

By March 22, 2017

Patients with C3G experience progressive deterioration in renal function, ultimately leading to renal failure requiring dialysis and kidney transplant, if left untreated.

Risks Following RFA for Liver Cancer in ESRD Patients on Hemodialysis Investigated

March 20, 2017

Dialyzed patients have higher in-hospital mortality, hemorrhagic complications after RFA for HCC

RRT Initiation Impacts Health-Related Quality of Life in ESRD

March 17, 2017

Total of 26.6 and 27 percent of patients experienced anxiety, depression with initiation of RRT