Narcotic Analgesics

Non-Opioid Tx Beats Hydromorphone for Migraine Pain Relief in the ED

By October 19, 2017

Participants were randomized to either hydromorphone 1mg (n=64) or prochlorperazine 10mg plus diphenhydramine 25mg (n=62).

Diphenhydramine Improves Procedural Sedation Quality for Chronic Opioid Users

October 17, 2017

Researchers conducted a randomized, double-blind study involving patients using chronic opioids who were scheduled to undergo colonoscopy.

Changing Marijuana Laws May Mean More Screening, Counseling Needed

October 10, 2017

In the changing legal environment, pediatric physicians must review their approach to screening for marijuana use and discussing the associated health consequences

Gabapentin, Opioid Combo May Up the Risk of Opioid-Related Death

By October 03, 2017

Both gabapentin and opioids are commonly prescribed for the treatment of pain.

Study Identifies Optimal Initial Opioid Rx Duration Following Surgery

September 28, 2017

Optimal length for each procedure lies between observed median prescription length and early nadir

FDA, Interpol Crack Down on Websites Selling Illegal Drugs

By September 25, 2017

In a statement the FDA said that products on sites they identified during the operation may be counterfeit, contaminated, expired or otherwise unsafe.

CVS Plans to Limit Opioid Rxs to 7-Day Supply for Certain Patients

By September 22, 2017

At the pharmacy level, a greater emphasis will be placed on counseling to help patients understand the risks associated with opioid use based on the new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

Concomitant Naloxegol Tx Evaluated for Opioid Dose Impact

September 21, 2017

The researchers found that the mean daily numerical rating scale average pain scores varied from 4.5 to 4.8 for all groups in the 652 participants in KODIAC-04, and were 4.6 for each group of the 700 participants in KODIAC-05.

FDA: MAT Should Not Be Withheld from Patients on CNS Depressants

By September 20, 2017

"the dangers associated with failing to treat an opioid use disorder can outweigh the risks of co-prescribing MAT and benzodiazepines," said FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb.

Opioid, Unintentional Injury Deaths Contribute to Life Expectancy Decline

September 20, 2017

The researchers observed an increase in life expectancy at birth from 2000 to 2015, from 76.8 to 78.8 years.

Teens Given Opioid Rx After Surgery More Likely to Be Persistent Users

By September 15, 2017

Results showed that new persistent opioid use, defined as continued opioid prescription fills between 90 and 180 days after the index surgical procedure, were 4.8% compared to 0.1% in the non-procedure control group.

AAP: ER Visits for Kids Testing Positive for Opioids on the Rise

September 15, 2017

ER visits for opioid dependence/abuse increased from 32,235 in 2008 to 49,626 in 2013

AAOMS: Prescribing Recommendations for Acute and Post-Op Pain

By August 29, 2017

n the AAOMS White Paper, the Association urges prescribing ibuprofen over opioids as first-line therapy to manage acute and post-op pain.

Migraine Drug Therapies Examined for Appropriateness

August 28, 2017

The study team found that of 2,860 Americans who visited the doctor for migraine relief, 15.2% were prescribed opioids.

Dose or Duration of Rx: Which Has Greater Impact on Opioid Use Disorder?

August 24, 2017

Patients were more likely to continue using the opioids if they were initially prescribed medications for a longer time.

Opioid Prescribing, Use Continues Even After Overdose

August 23, 2017

Of the 3,945 who had overdosed on prescription opioids, prescriptions decreased from 32.4% before the overdose to 28.3% after. Meanwhile, the number of patients receiving medication-assisted treatment rose from 29.4 to 33.0% after a heroin overdose.

Opioids Greatly Overused as Migraine Treatment, Study Finds

By August 17, 2017

For abortive medications, results showed that overall 18.9% of patients received all high quality abortive medication, 27% received some low quality abortive while 15.2% received opioids.

Is ED-Initiated Buprenorphine for Opioid Dependence Cost Effective?

By August 16, 2017

Results showed that the mean costs over the next 30 days after ED visits were $1,752, $1,805 and $1,977 for ED-initiated buprenorphine, referral alone and brief intervention with facilitated referral, respectively.

Necessity of Opioid Rx Examined Post-Hernia Repair

August 15, 2017

The researchers found that 85.9% of patients reported using four or fewer opioid tablets, with 59.5% reporting that they used no opioid analgesics postoperatively.

Cannabis Efficacy Examined in Patients with Chronic Pain, PTSD

August 15, 2017

The researchers found low-strength evidence that cannabis alleviates neuropathic pain based on 27 chronic pain trials; insufficient evidence was found in other pain populations.

Severe Rise in Opioid Overdose ICU Admissions From 2009 to 2015

August 14, 2017

There was a 34% increase in opioid overdose admissions requiring intensive care during this time period, from 44 to 59 per 10,000 ICU admissions. The average mortality rate of patients with ICU admissions with overdoses was 7%, but this increased to 10% in 2015.

Opioid Epidemic Declared National Emergency

By August 11, 2017

Among the areas likely to benefit from increased funding are treatment centers, with the White House panel recommending rules be waived so that Medicaid recipients can get treatment for their addictions.

DEA Issues Comprehensive 'Drug Slang' List to Aid in Abuse Identification

August 11, 2017

In light of the plethora of street names used to refer to a number of drugs, the DEA has issued a comprehensive list for common drugs.

Does the FDA's 'Flush List' Pose a Toxic Threat?

By August 10, 2017

The full results, published in Science of The Total Environment, found that even if the entire mass supplied for clinical use was flushed that the release of 10 'flush list' APIs poses a 'negligible' eco-toxicological risk (including buprenorphine, diazepam, fentanyl, hydromorphone, meperidine, methadone, methylphenidate, morphine, oxycodone, tapentadol).

Marijuana Use May Increase Risk of Death from Hypertension

August 10, 2017

Over 19,569 person-years of follow-up, the adjusted hazard ratios for death from hypertension among marijuana users was 3.42 (95% confidence interval, 1.20 to 9.79).

Opioid Prescribing Trends Among Cancer Survivors

August 10, 2017

Significantly higher prescribing rates were seen in individuals from lower income quintiles, who were younger, who were from rural neighborhoods, and who had a greater number of comorbidities.

Interactions Identified Between Cannabidiol, Antiepileptic Drugs

August 08, 2017

The researchers observed significant increases in topiramate, rufinamide, and N-desmethylclobazam and a significant decrease in clobazam serum levels with increasing cannabidiol dose.

DEA Proposes Cut in Controlled Substance Manufacturing for 2018

By August 04, 2017

The DEA's manufacturing reduction applies to commonly prescribed Schedule II opioids.

Study Suggests 'Reservoir' of Unused Rx Opioids in U.S.

August 04, 2017

Researchers found that between 67 and 92% of patients reported unused opioids (42 to 71% of all the opioid tablets).

Reasons for Buprenorphine Underuse ID'd in Physician Survey

August 04, 2017

The main reasons that physicians with waivers indicated no willingness to increase prescribing were lack of belief in agonist treatment (odds ratio, 3.98), lack of time for additional patients (odds ratio, 5.54), and belief that reimbursement rates are insufficient (odds ratio, 2.50).