Nearly One-Third of the World is Overweight

the MPR take:

Nearly one-third of people worldwide (approximately 2 billion people) are overweight or obese, with rates failing to decline over the past 30 years. Published in The Lancet, an analysis  for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2013 determined that the proportion of adults with a BMI of ≥25kg/m2 increased from 1980–2013 (28.8 vs. 36.9% in men, 29.8 vs. 38.0% in women). The prevalence has increased in developing countries for children and adults, but has declined for adults in developed countries since 2006. The report also noted that no country has had a successful plan to fight obesity in children and adults for 30 years.

One-Third of the World is Overweight
One-Third of the World is Overweight

Spencer Platt, Getty Images Almost a third of the world is now fat, and no country has been able to curb obesity rates in the last three decades, according to a new global analysis. "It's pretty grim," said Christopher Murray of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, who led the study.