Biomarker May Indicate T2DM Severity, Predict Future CVD Events

the MPR take:

Because type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) has been associated with chronic inflammation, this study sought to assess CD247 expression levels in patients with T2DM and whether this biomarker could be a useful diagnostic and prognostic tool for disease complications and outcomes. Seventy-five patients with T2DM and 40 healthy control subjects submitted peripheral blood samples for analysis of the expression level of CD247 in T lymphocytes; the T2DM patients also underwent a medical interview and physical examination, and were tracked for approximately 19 months for occurrence of major adverse disease end points. The T2DM patients had a significant reduction in CD247 expression levels in T lymphocytes vs. the healthy control subjects, which was associated with disease severity, complications, and occurrence of future cardiovascular events. This biomarker may not just be a helpful means of evaluating the current disease state in T2DM patients, but could also be a predictor of future cardiovascular events.

OBJECTIVE: We have previously shown that chronic inflammation results in immunosuppression associated with CD247 downregulation in T lymphocytes. Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is known to be associated with chronic inflammation. We therefore sought to examine CD247 expression levels in patients ...

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