CDC: Elevated Flu Activity Expected to Continue for Several More Weeks

By February 16, 2018

So far this season, influenza A(H3N2) viruses have predominated, but other influenza viruses are also circulating.

Researchers Hope to Test Heroin Vaccine in Humans Soon

By February 14, 2018

Researchers investigated 20 different carrier protein/adjuvant combinations.

Conspiracy Beliefs and Anti-Vaccination Attitudes: What's the Link?

By February 07, 2018

Incidences of measles, mumps and pertussis have increased in the U.S. for the first time in a century (WHO, 2017). To identify the 'attitude roots' of vaccine rejection, a survey was issued online and completed by 5,323 usable participants in 24 different countries.

ACIP: 2018 Recommended Immunization Schedule for Adults Released

By February 06, 2018

Changes in the 2018 adult immunization schedule from the previous year's schedule include new ACIP recommendations for the use of recombinant zoster vaccine (RZV) for adults aged 50 years or older and the use of an additional dose of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine (MMR) in a mumps outbreak setting.

ACIP: 2018 Immunization Schedule for Children, Adolescents Available

By February 06, 2018

The recommended childhood and adolescent immunization schedules for 2018 have been approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American Academy of Family Physicians, and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

New Formulation of HyperRAB Approved for Rabies Post-Exposure Prophylaxis

By February 06, 2018

Reduced volume of medication offers potential for fewer injections.

Patient Portal Messages, IVR Calls May Improve Flu Vaccination Rates

By February 05, 2018

Results found that among portal users, 14% (702/5,000) of portal and IVR call recipients received EHR-documented influenza vaccines.

Influenza Vaccine Recommendations: Egg Allergies

February 02, 2018

Influenza vaccine recommendations for individuals who report an allergy to eggs.

ACIP: Updated Recommendations for Mumps Vaccination

By January 16, 2018

The purpose of the recommendation is to improve protection of persons in outbreak settings against mumps disease and complications

ACIP: Updated Recommendations for Hepatitis B Virus Infection Prevention

By January 12, 2018

The Work Group who authored the new recommendations was made up of professionals from academic medicine, federal and state public health agencies, and medical societies.

FDA Approves Expanded Indication for Fluarix Quadrivalent

By January 12, 2018

The supplemental Biologics License Application was based on a Phase III pivotal study of the efficacy of Fluarix Quadrivalent in children 6 months through 35 months of age and on two supportive studies.

Over one-third of U.S. HIV patients are not vaccinated against hepatitis B

January 10, 2018

One third of HIV patients in the United States remain unvaccinated against hepatitis B.

Heplisav-B Now Available for Hepatitis B Prevention in Adults

By January 08, 2018

Heplisav-B is the first and only two-dose vaccine for prevention of hepatitis B in adults.

Cost-Effectiveness of Herpes Zoster Vaccines Compared

January 08, 2018

Compared with no vaccination, the incremental cost-effectiveness ratios ranged from $20,038 to $30,084 per quality-adjusted life-year (QALY), depending on vaccination age.

Repeat Flu Vaccination Outcomes Examined in Older Patients

January 08, 2018

"These results reinforce recommendations for annual vaccination for influenza in older adults," the authors write.

Hepatitis B Vaccination Often Missed Among HIV Patients

December 27, 2017

More than one-third of adult HIV patients receiving medical care have not been vaccinated

New Flu Vaccine Guidelines Issued for Patients With Egg Allergy

By December 19, 2017

The updated parameter stresses that no special precautions are needed or recommended for those with egg allergy.

Parental Counseling May Help Cut Vaccine Exemption Rates

December 18, 2017

Significant drop in rates in Washington after implementation of bill mandating parental counseling

Bioinformatics Platform Predicts Flu Vaccine Effectiveness for 2017/18 Season

December 15, 2017

The researchers found that analyses of Australian viruses generated two clusters; the vaccine virus was placed in the smaller group.

Trumenba Elicits Protective Immune Response Against Diverse MenB Strains

By December 14, 2017

Data from both studies demonstrated the three-dose series elicits a protective immune response against diverse meningococcal group B (MenB) strains representative of prevalent strains causing invasive disease in the U.S.

CDC: Update on Influenza Activity in the U.S.

December 08, 2017

Influenza activity was low during October 2017, has been increasing since the start of November

Sanofi Discontinues <i>C. Difficile</i> Tx Development

By December 08, 2017

Data that has been collected from the trial so far will be analyzed and shared with the scientific community in due time.

Hepatitis A Vaccine Supply Constrained Due to Ongoing Outbreaks

By November 27, 2017

The demand for adult Hepatitis A vaccine has increased substantially over the past 6 month.

Impact of MenACWY Vaccine Program on Disease Incidence Examined

By November 27, 2017

Reductions in incidence suggest an impact of the MenACWY vaccine program in this age group.

ACP/CDC: Best Practice Advice for Hepatitis B Vaccination, Screening

November 21, 2017

All unvaccinated adults at risk for infection should be vaccinated; screening recommended for at-risk

New Vaccine for Hepatitis B Gets FDA Approval

By November 10, 2017

Two-dose vaccine for the prevention of hepatitis B in adults.

Vaccine for Universal Pneumococcal Disease Prevention in the Works

November 02, 2017

The researchers report that non-covalent colocalization of two classes of complementary antigens, one to prevent the colonization of the most aggressive S. pneumoniae serotypes and another to restrict virulence transition, provides complete vaccine effectiveness.

CDC: Increased Outreach Needed for Child Vaccination in Immigrant Population

October 31, 2017

The researchers found that at ages 2, 6, 18, and 36 months, children with at least 1 foreign-born parent were less likely to be up-to-date on recommended immunizations than children with two U.S.-born parents.

Influenza Oral Tablet Vaccine Shows Promise in Phase 2 Trial

By October 27, 2017

Results showed that the tablet group had a 39% reduction in clinical disease compared to placebo and a 27% reduction compared to the injectable QIV.

ACIP: New Vaccine Recommendations for Shingles Prevention

By October 25, 2017

The Committee voted that Shingrix is preferred over Zostavax for the prevention of zoster and related complications.