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Repeat Colonoscopies: Few Benefits

Repeat colonoscopies within 10 years are of little benefit to patients who had no polyps found on adequate examination.

Statins and Barret's Esophagus

In a new study published in the journal Gastroenterology, the use of statins was found to reduce the risk of Barrett's esophagus.

New Drug Product: Entyvio

Moderately-to-severely active ulcerative colitis.

Abstinence: The Only Way?

Research on the use of FDA-approved medications for the treatment of alcohol dependence in ALD-spectrum disorders has been published.

Fluticasone Generally Effective

High doses of the corticosteroid fluticasone propionate may induce remission of eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) in many patients, but not all.

Varied Min-Invasive Surgery

Hospital utilization of minimally invasive surgery for common procedures varies widely nationwide.

Chart: Bowel Cleansers

Review this chart for quick information when you need it.

Esophagitis: Genetic Cause?

Genetic markers associated with eosinophilic esophagitis have been identified, suggesting that several genes are involved in the development of EoE.


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