Diagnosing/Managing DILI

Drug-induced liver injury (DILI) is the most common cause of acute liver failure (ALF) in the United States.

Psychedelic PTSD Treatment

A combination of psychotherapy and antidepressive medications is commonly used to treat PTSD. However, not all patients respond well.

Investing in Medical Technology

Out-of-pocket is one option, but it may make better business sense to lease equipment or borrow money to pay for it.

Chia Seeds Sprout Benefits

Chia seed compounds represent a healthy and tasty way to boost beneficial fatty acids and fiber.

Weight Impacts Drug Dosing

MPR reports on the impacts of elevated body mass index (BMI) on drug dosing.

Unconventional PTSD Treatments

MPR reports on unconventional treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Activated Charcoal Benefits

Activated charcoal is a relatively benign product with a low risk profile.

Stool DNA Test for CRC Screening

A multitarget stool DNA test detected more colorectal cancers (CRCs) than other testing but also resulted in more false-positives.

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