Feature Articles

Consequences of Ignoring Complete Medication List

Had the clinician taken the time to look up her patient's medication, both patient and practitioner would have avoided a great deal of pain and suffering.

Expert Interview on HTN Guideline Controversy

"I respect the [JNC8] authors, who are outstanding in their field. But the recommendations generated controversy and confusion among clinicians. Our new scientific statement is designed to review the most recent evidence and bring clarity to treatment of hypertension in patients with CAD."

The Vitamin D Debate: Conundrums, Complexities

Vitamin D deficiency is regarded as extremely common in the American population, but is Vitamin D deficiency as ubiquitous as it appears?

Necessary Procedure Leads to Assault Charges

The physician testified that the patient was belligerent and had punched him. The NP testified that she had explained the necessity of the procedure, describing the chaotic scene that followed.

Review: Fibromyalgia Treatments in Adult Subgroups

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) recently published "Treatment for Fibromyalgia in Adult Subgroups," developed by its Evidence-based Practice Centers (EPCs).

Should Oral Contraceptives Be Available OTC?

In a new study published in the journal Contraception, researchers aimed to discover what the impact would be on unintended pregnancies and associated pregnancy costs among low-income women if oral contraceptive pills were available without a prescription.

The Buzz on Bee-Venom Therapy

The risks of bee-venom therapy outweigh the potential benefits, and clinicians should discourage patients from this therapeutic method.

Guidelines on Pharmacologic Management of Obesity ...

In January, 2015, the Endocrine Society issued an evidence-based clinical practice guideline for the pharmacologic management of obesity (co-sponsored by the European Society of Endocrinology and the Obesity Society).

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