Feature Articles

Precision Medicine: Promises and Controversies

To shed further light on the complex topic of precision medicine, MPR interviewed Cheryl Pegus, MD, MPH, Clinical Professor of Medicine and Population Health, Director, Division of General Internal Medicine and Clinical Innovation, New York University School of Medicine, New York City.

HIPAA Privacy Rule: Avoiding Violations

In this "Law 101" installment, we'll look at what types of actions or failures result in violations, and how to avoid them.

The Vitamin D Debate: Part 2

An emerging body of research suggests that Vitamin D may play an important role in other conditions besides skeletal health, although controversy continues.

Rising Allergy Rates From Antibiotics?

When we think of antibiotic overuse, we don't generally think of allergies. Research is beginning to suggest that maybe we should.

ICD-10: Are You Ready?

October 1, 2015 marks the official compliance date for implementation.

Clinician's Guide to In-Flight Emergencies

Here's what you need to know when you're called upon to assist at 39,000 feet.

Hang Up White Coats for Good?

The culture of medicine is very powerful, and old habits, like white coats, are hard to break. But doctors are still doctors whether they wear a coat or not.

Rudeness Can Disrupt Clinical Practice

Necrotizing enterocolitis was chosen for the simulation because it progresses so fast, and the proper treatment requires quick and accurate diagnosis and treatment. The effects of rudeness in this type of setting would be readily detectable. The results were staggering and frightening.

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