Medicinal Mushrooms: Disease Fighters!

Mushrooms are not typically thought of as medicinal, but in ancient times, this food source was highly prized for its healing properties.

Diabetes/Schizophrenia Dual Diagnosis

Dietary supervision may have driven the patient out of his facility.

Heart Failure and LUTS

An increasing number of people suffer from conditions typically associated with aging, including heart failure and lower urinary tract symptoms.

Magnet Therapy for Muscle Pain

When a magnet is placed on the skin, capillary walls relax, allowing for increased blood flow and oxygenation.

Demystifying Rheumatic Disorders

Selecting appropriate lab tests when evaluating persons with symptoms suggesting a rheumatic condition often requires a bit of detective work.

Diabetes, Obesity, and Cancer

Diabetes and cancer coexist in the same patient more frequently than would be expected by chance, even adjusting for age and other factors.

Bovine Colostrum: Multiple Uses?

Bovine colostrum is being studied as a wound-healing agent, an antimicrobial, and an anticancer therapy.

Barefoot Running Explained

In recent years, there has been a trend of runners switching from traditional running shoes to barefoot running or to minimalist shoes.

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