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100 Years Later: Revisiting the Great Flu Pandemic of 1918

January 18, 2018

Severe influenza epidemics tend to occur every few decades. Experts believe that the next one is a question not of "if" but "when."

PMS/PMDD: A Review of Treatment Options

By January 04, 2018

Recent data regarding the treatment of premenstrual syndrome/premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMS/PMDD) has "triaged therapy options into first, second, third, and last lines."

Treating Iron Deficiency Anemia in Patients With Heart Failure

By November 16, 2017

To shed light on the often-challenging management of this common condition, MPR presented the case of a hypothetical patient to a doctor who specializes in advanced heart failure and transplant cardiology.

Treating Iron Deficiency Anemia in Patients With Inflammatory Bowl Disorder

By October 19, 2017

Despite its frequency, iron deficiency anemia in patients with IBD it is often overlooked in clinical settings.

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Highlights

By September 13, 2017

MPR interviewed Dr. John Stoffel to discuss the strategies for diagnosis and management of urinary retention in MS patients, as well as his recommendations for optimal care for these patients.

Why the FDA's Novel Plan for Nicotine Is a Step in the Right Direction

August 23, 2017

To put the scourge of conventional cigarettes in context, smoking kills 15 times more Americans per year than opioids.

Topical Coal Tar: An Effective Alternative for Psoriasis?

August 17, 2017

Coal tar is one of the oldest psoriasis treatments though its exact mechanism is not known.

Demystifying Conversion Disorder: A Guide for Primary Care Clinicians

By July 26, 2017

Assessing conversion disorder and distinguishing it from other conditions can be challenging.

Patient Experiences Severe Paralysis After Trigger-Point Injection Therapy

By June 22, 2017

Initially, the patient experienced no complications. But approximately 12 hours following therapy, he awoke with shortness of breath and functional quadriplegia.

Genetics Should Play a Bigger Role in Clinical Decision-Making

June 21, 2017

As home genetic testing grows, patients will be bringing their results to physicians for reaction and response. Physicians will need to be proactively prepared.

Why Amazon's Move into the Rx Market May Negatively Impact Patient Care

June 14, 2017

When consumers take drugs, they become patients, not just customers.

Common Medications and Substances that May Induce Hypertension

By June 13, 2017

Medications can induce HTN through a variety of mechanisms such as volume retention, sympathomimetic activation, and direct vasoconstriction.

Next Steps for HCV Patients Post-SVR: Best Practice Recommendations

By May 16, 2017

A clinical practice update for patients who have achieved a sustained virologic response following antiviral treatment for HCV infection.

A Recipe for Antibiotic Success May be Found in Medieval Texts

May 02, 2017

If the current situation does not change, it is estimated that drug-resistant infections will kill 10 million people per year by 2050.

Treatment Adherence in Schizophrenia: Which Antipsychotic Is Best?

By April 20, 2017

According to the adjusted results from a recent study, second generation antipsychotic long-acting injectable medications were linked to consistently more adherence and persistence when compared to oral antipsychotic patients.

Pharmacotherapy and Obesity: A Review of Treatment Options

April 12, 2017

Pharmacologic agents can have "unpredictable and variable effects on a patient's weight."

Patient Dies After Physician, Pharmacist Miss Important Drug Alert

By April 04, 2017

This case looks at the very important issue of drug information - specifically what should health care practitioners know about a medication before it is prescribed to a patient.

ASIPP: Opioid Prescribing Guidelines for Chronic, Non-Cancer Pain

By February 23, 2017

The updated guidelines focus on safe and effective opioid prescribing practices.

AACE/ACE 2017 T2DM Algorithm: New Therapies and Management Approaches

By February 17, 2017

Building on previous algorithms, the 2017 edition includes an updated section on lifestyle therapy as well as a discussion of all classes of obesity, antihyperglycemic, lipid-lowering, and hypertensive medications approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) through December 2016.

Drugs Often Overlooked as a Cause of Chronic Diarrhea

By February 09, 2017

Over 700 drugs have been associated with causing diarrhea.

Controversial Kratom Growing in Popularity

January 31, 2017

Due to a huge public response, the DEA retracted its notice of intent to classify kratom as a schedule I drug, pending further review.

Conversations for Health: An Innovative Educational Tool for Reducing Antibiotic Overuse

By January 10, 2017

Conversations for Health, an innovative simulation, offers clinicians the ability to engage in role-play conversations about antibiotics with virtual patients as a way to build competency to effectively lead them in real-life.

Ringing in the New Year: Medical Innovations for 2017

By January 03, 2017

What exciting new medical developments can we look forward to in 2017?

OPIAD Management Requires a Multidisciplinary Care Team Approach

By December 13, 2016

Despite initial recognition of opioid-induced androgen deficiency (OPIAD) as a possible consequence of opioid use more than four decades ago, few studies have systematically investigated hormonal changes induced by long-term opioid administration.

The HIV Treatment Continuum: Recommendations for Improving Future Outcomes

By November 30, 2016

An estimated 70% of US persons living with HIV are not virally suppressed.

Treatment Options for the Management of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

By November 17, 2016

Adherence to treatment is often a concern.

Pharmacological Management of Bipolar Depression

By November 16, 2016

The primary goals of therapy in bipolar depression are to achieve complete remission, decrease the risk of suicidality, maintain and/or improve quality of life (QOL) and functioning, and prevent affective switches from depression to mania.

Review: Vitamin K Supplementation

November 15, 2016

In addition to its role in hemostasis, vitamin K plays a pivotal role in the metabolism of calcium in the human body.

Seizures in School: Factors Clinicians Should Consider When Creating an Action Plan

By November 09, 2016

Managing epilepsy in school settings can be quite challenging. This problem is further complicated because administration of seizure rescue medications by someone other than a nurse may be illegal in some jurisdictions.

Treatment Approaches for Resistant vs. Refractory Hypertension

By November 08, 2016

Each term has become more defined and the differences between them have become more evident.