Important e-Prescribing Announcement

Effective August 28, 2014, MPR's e-Prescribing provider, HealthcareResourcesOnline, will no longer be providing this service on the MPR website and your subscription to e-Prescribing and access to product resources through MPR will be discontinued.

To better assist you during this time with any questions you may have, please refer to our FAQs below.

Can I easily switch to another eRx platform?

Yes. For your New Rxs, you can simply sign up for any other ePrescribing service. After you sign up, they will help you to transfer your Refill Requests to the new system.

Can I access my patient data before the system is turned off?

Yes. At any time before the system is turned off you can run and export Transaction and Meaningful Use Reports which will include your eRx and resource transactions.

I have been alerted that I have refills pending in the system. What should I do with them?

Before the system is turned off you will need to access your Pending Refills and approve or deny each one. These will not be accessible once the system is turned off.

What happens to patient prescription history?

Prescription history is an add-on feature of an ePrescribing service such as ours. You will have this service if the new ePrescribing system offers this feature to their customers.

I've uploaded a patient database into the system. What will happen to that data?

Once the system is turned off the data will no longer be accessible. The data will be encrypted, sealed and archived for any future regulatory purposes if needed.

What about my Identity Proofing credentials?

In the event that your new service utilizes identity proofing via Verizon's Universal Identity Service (the Healthcare Resources Online partner) you will be able to transfer your credentials. If they do not, you will have to comply with the identity proofing requirements for the new service you choose.

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