Single Injection Could Potentially Prevent Chronic Pain

Adynxx announced that the FDA has granted Fast Track designation to AYX1 Injection for the prevention of chronic pain. AYX1 is an investigational drug designed to reduce acute post-surgical pain and prevent the transition to persistent or chronic pain with a single administration at the time of surgery. 

The Adynxx platform utilizes a proprietary form of oligonucleotide technology - small, synthetic pieces of DNA that bind to transcription factors and inhibit their activity. Transcription factors directly and specifically regulate the expression of a large number of proteins. In pain pathways, they are essential triggers for the expression of multiple and redundant pain-related proteins.

In September 2012 Adynxx completed a 30-subject, dose-escalating study of AYX1 in five cohorts of healthy volunteers.  Adynxx is currently enrolling a 90 patient placebo-controlled Phase 2 study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of a single administration of AYX1 given prior to unilateral total knee arthroplasty (TKA) to reduce or prevent post-surgical pain.

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