Commentary: Give Patients Treatment Options for Better Care

Presenting and discussion a variety of therapeutic options for treating depression in primary care benefits both the clinician and the patient, according to a new commentary in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Why Do Elephants Rarely Get Cancer?

The mechanisms for cancer resistance in elephants has baffled scientists for decades, but a new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association may have identified a genetic explanation for their lower-than-expected rate of cancer.

ACS: Resection Can Up Survival in Metastatic Melanoma

Those with GI tract metastases had the longest median survival of any patients

Occupational Risk of Bladder Cancer on the Rise

Odds for the disease climbing faster among women than men in the workforce

Hospital Readmissions Up in Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

Withdrawal most common reason for infants' readmission to the hospital

Short Walk Can Restore Vascular Function After Prolonged Sitting

Small study found a short stroll restored blood flow in legs after hours of sitting in a chair

Two Decision Instruments ID Major Injuries in Blunt Trauma

Decision instruments have high sensitivity for identifying clinically significant thoracic injuries

High Rate of Concussion Linked to Isolated Mandible Fractures

Mechanism of injury assault in 12 of 16 patients; half of patients admit alcohol use

Wound Irrigation Pressure Doesn't Affect Outcome

For patients with open fracture, reoperation rate higher with use of castile soap than with saline

Bariatric Surgery Can Lead to Increased Suicide Risk

Life changes that follow can make it hard for patients to cope