Overweight Children More Likely to Report Worse Asthma Control

Children with early-onset asthma who are overweight or obese may mistake exertional dyspnea and esophageal reflux for loss of asthma control, causing them to use more rescue medication.

First Ebola Case Confirmed in NYC

According to the New York City Health Department, a volunteer medical aid worker who served in Guinea has tested positive for Ebola since his return to the United States.

Experts Say Airborne Transmission of Ebola Highly Unlikely

No threat foreseen from public sniffles, coughs.

Sleeping with Dentures May Raise Pneumonia Risk

Researchers say sleeping with false teeth may raise risk of pneumonia.

Women at Greater Risk for Depression Post-MI Than Men

Researcher believes issue has been 'largely unnoticed'.

Breast Cancer Tumor Markers Commonly Used for Routine Surveillance

Medical costs nearly 30 percent higher in these women with early-stage disease.

NT-proBNP Modestly Improves Cardiovascular Disease Risk Prediction in Women

Women in highest versus lowest NT-proBNP quartile have increased risk, even after adjustment

Study Estimates Costs at 10 Years After Stroke

Direct costs similar at 10 years, three to five years for ischemic stroke; higher for hemorrhagic stroke.

Risk-Adjusted Readmission Rates Similar After Colorectal Surgery

Little variation in hospital readmission rates after adjustment for patient characteristics, comorbidities.

More Attention to CVD Risk Assessment in T1DM Urged

Currently no risk prediction model for use in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus.