Dangerous Spider Bites on the Rise

Although the bite of a brown recluse spider is poisonous, the wounds usually heal well if left alone but warning signs of an adverse reaction should be recognized.

HPV-Related Noncervical Cancers on the Rise

Over the past several decades, the incidence of human papillomavirus (HPV)-related noncervical cancers has increased in Canada.

Diabetes, Head and Neck Cancer Risk Linked in Study

Patients newly diagnosed with diabetes have an increased risk of developing head and neck cancer, according to a new study.

Parents, Doctors, and the Circumcision Decision

Most parents want the doctor to answer their questions about circumcision, but they do not want a specific recommendation for their baby, according to a new report.

After Early Adenotonsillectomy for OSAS, Greater Weight Gain

For children with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS), early adenotonsillectomy (eAT) is associated with greater weight gain.

Early-Age Dieting Tied to Negative Health Outcomes Later

Dieting earlier in life may set young women up for extreme weight control measures and other negative health behaviors later in life.