Number of Docs, Retail Clinics Affect Antibiotic Prescribing Rate

More antibiotic prescriptions per person are written in wealthy areas of the United States as a result of competition among physicians and retail clinics, a team of researchers has found.

More Evidence Points to the Power of Nuts in Reducing CVD Mortality

Nut consumption is associated with reduced total mortality risk and death due to cardiovascular disease, particularly ischemic heart disease, across different ethnic groups and people of low SES

Overactive Bladder Drug May be Beneficial in MS

Researchers from the University of Buffalo have found a way to improve remyelination for myelin-based diseases like multiple sclerosis (MS).

How Prevalent is Antipsychotic Prescribing in Seniors with Dementia?

An analysis by the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) has found that about 1/3 of older adults with dementia who resided >100 days in a nursing home in 2012 were prescribed an antipsychotic.

Some Frequently Ordered Tests May Not Be Necessary to Diagnose CKD

Many of the tests performed to screen for chronic kidney disease (CKD) may offer little clinical benefit on diagnosis and management, according to a research letter.

Doctors Often Give In to Parents' Vaccine Delay Requests

But most believe it puts children at risk, researchers find

Ipsen Continues to Resupply Increlex

Ipsen, in collaboration with the FDA is releasing a third batch of Increlex (mecasermin [rDNA origin]), since the initial resumption of product supply in May 2014.

Mitral Valve Repair Could Improve Mental Health

Researchers find procedure leads to reduced depression and anxiety

Lidocaine Delivered Directly Into Nasal Cavity May Help with Migraine

Therapy reduces pain level by about one-third for up to a month

Ultrasound Tx Relieves Pain in Chronic Plantar Fasciitis

Patients found relief from foot pain in short study, but longer trials are needed