Nintendo Wants to Help You Sleep Better, But Not with Video Games

The video game company Nintendo doesn't want to just entertain audiences anymore - they also want to help you sleep better.

Marijuana Candy Concerns Parents, Police in CO on Halloween

The Denver Police Department is warning parents about the similarities between regular and marijuana-infused candy this Halloween, but is there a threat that children will receive these cannabis candies while trick-or-treating?

Anti-Vaccination Messages with Your Treats?

An anti-vaccination organization is encouraging parents to distribute candy this Halloween with stickers placed on the treats warning about the alleged risks of vaccination.

Does Umeclidinium Monotherapy Help Asthma Patients Without ICS?

This is the first study to assessed a long-acting muscarinic antagonist in the absence of inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) for asthma patients.

Judge Lifts Ebola Quarantine for Nurse, But with Restrictions

A judge in Maine has issued a temporary order rejecting the state's Ebola quarantine confining nurse Hickox to her home, but with restrictions.

'Informal Care' for Older Americans Tops $500B Annually

Each year, people across the United States spend an estimated 30 billion hours caring for older relatives and friends, which costs $522 billion.

Eczema May Increase Bone Fracture Risk

Eczema may increase the risk of bone fractures and joint injuries, although the risk is small.

Women More Likely to Delay Cardiac Care When Symptoms Appear

When it comes to heart disease, a new study finds women are more likely than men to delay care when they experience symptoms.

Vitamin D Deficiency Common with ED

For men with erectile dysfunction (ED), vitamin D deficiency is common, especially among those with arteriogenic etiology.

In PCOS, Cinnamon May Improve Menstrual Cyclicity

For women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), cinnamon supplements may improve menstrual cyclicity.