Reflex Test for EV-D68 Detection Now Available

LabCorp announced the launch of a reflex test to detect enterovirus D68 (EV-D68).

Benzodiazepine Rx Increase Seen in Elderly Despite Health Risks

Use of benzodiazepines has shown to increase with age despite the known risks for older patients, according to an analysis of benzodiazepine prescribing in the United States.

Internal Carotid Artery Tear Seen in Child After Roller-Coaster Ride

Frequenting roller-coaster rides may lead to intimal tears within the cervical internal carotid artery (ICA).

Xtoro Suspension Approved for Swimmer's Ear

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Xtoro (finafloxacin otic suspension; Alcon) for the treatment of acute otitis externa (also known as swimmer's ear) caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus.

The Effects of Risperidone on Prolactin Levels in Children

According to a new study, an increase in serum PRL levels with risperidone therapy could be related not just to the drug and its dosage, but also to sex, pubertal stage, psychiatric disease, and associated autoimmune disorders.

Pharmacy Employees Arrested, Charged in Meningitis Outbreak

Fourteen individuals from the New England Compounding Center in Framingham, MA have been arrested in connection to a meningitis outbreak in 2012 due to contaminated injections of preservative-free methylprednisolone acetate (MPA).

"Superbug" Discovered at Olympic Site in Brazil

A strain of drug-resistant bacteria normally found in hospitals has recently been discovered in the waters where the 2016 Olympic sailing and wind surfing events will be held in Rio de Janeiro.

High Blood Sugar in Children May Slow Brain Growth

Chronic high blood sugar in young children may lead to slower brain development, new research by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has shown.

Fatal Case of Legionnaires' in Infant After Water Birth

A Texas infant has died from Legionnaires' disease after being born in a whirlpool tub.