"Night Owl" Players May Swing Super Bowl Outcomes

The winner of this year's Super Bowl could depend on the number of "night owls" on the team, according to a study in the journal Current Biology.

Measles Outbreak Could Be a Fumble for the Super Bowl

As thousands of fans descend into Phoenix for the upcoming Super Bowl, Arizona health officials are struggling to contain the state's measles outbreak that has led to the monitoring of 1,000 individuals, including 200 children.

More Flu-Related Deaths Seen in Super Bowl Team Cities

Areas with teams playing in the Super Bowl are more likely to see an increase in influenza-related deaths, particularly in years when the dominant influenza strain is more virulent or when the event occurs closer to the peak of influenza season, according to researchers at Tulane University.

Government Initiative Aims for Personalized Medicine

The White House has released new information about the Precision Medicine Initiative, a research program to accelerate biomedical discoveries and provide clinicians with new tools, knowledge, and therapies for individualized patient care.

CDC: More Measles Cases in January Than Typically Seen in an Entire Year

Spread driven largely by outbreak that started at Disney theme parks in California in December

New Review Adresses Questions on Oseltamivir Efficacy in Flu

And reduces the risk of flu-related complications such as pneumonia

More Than Two Drinks Per Day Could Up Stroke Risk

By age 75, however, blood pressure and diabetes became better predictors of stroke

Topical Acne Gel Linked to Methemoglobinemia

Teen developed blood disorder after using Aczone for a week

What High BP in Young Adulthood Means Down the Road

Systolic pressure of 140 mm Hg or more raises risk for heart disease in later life, researchers say

Cancer Diagnosis Impacts Patient Adherence to Diabetes Rx

Effect more pronounced with poor cancer prognosis