New Genetic Links to Schizophrenia Discovered

Researchers have unmasked 108 chromosomal sites harboring inherited variations in the genetic code linked to schizophrenia, of which 83 have never been reported before in the largest genomic dragnet of any psychiatric disorder to date.

Heart Attack Rates Unchanged for Younger Adults

Heart attack hospitalization rates among young and middle-aged adults have remained stable during the previous decade, even as seniors of Medicare age experienced a better than 20% decline in heart attacks.

Intervention for Overweight Kids, Parents Benefits Both

Using a behavioral intervention to target preschool-aged overweight children and their parents is efficacious for both children and parents.

Two-Year Weight Loss Predicts Diabetes Risk

Weight loss over two years is associated with reduced diabetes incidence and improvement in cardiometabolic risk factors.

Could Mild TBI Symptoms Be PTSD?

Persistent symptoms lasting three months after mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) do not represent postconcussion syndrome (PCS) and should be considered part of the hyperarousal dimension of posttraumatic stress disorder.