MPR Monograph Format

Brand name: The main name under which the product and all other dosage forms in the
monograph are marketed.

Company: The name of the company to contact for more medical information.

Legal category: Federal schedule. The laws governing the prescribing/dispensing of products vary from state to state.

Pharmacologic class: The chemical/therapeutic class of the drug is listed in italics.

Generic name and formulation: The active ingredients and strengths are listed under the name of each dosage form. If the product contains tartrazine, alcohol, flavors, or is alcohol-, sugar-, or dye-free, it is noted. Abbreviations are used to describe the dosage form and its formulation, e.g., tabs, caps, "e-c"=enteric coated, "sust rel"=sustained-release, "ext rel"=extended-release.

Also: Other formulations of the product appear as "ALSO" within the same entry. Generally, only those forms used by office-based practitioners are listed.

Indications: Only the approved indications are listed. The wording may be condensed, e.g., "Edema" and not "Edema due to cardiac failure, hepatic cirrhosis, etc." When a product has more than one indication, it may appear in other therapeutic sections. Only the indications relevant to the therapeutic section in which the entry appears are shown.

Dose: Adults: Standard doses with the acknowledgement that doses should be individualized according to patient response and disease state.

Children: For the purposes of this publication, a child is defined as a person under 12 years of age unless stated otherwise. Dosages for children are shown in ascending age/weight order. In many cases, the labeling states that there is insufficient information on the use of a product in children under 12 years of age; the doses for these products are listed as "not recommended". For complex dosing regimens or where special precautions are needed, the phrase "See literature" may be used.

Contraindications: The product should generally not be given to patients with any of the conditions listed. If the official labeling contains a warning that the product should not be used in a certain condition, it is shown within this publication as either a contraindication or as a precaution with a qualifying statement such as "not for use in" or "not recommended" depending on how the official labeling is worded. Although not explicitly stated, hypersensitivity to the drug, to others in its class, to related drugs, or to any of its excipients, is assumed to be a contraindication in all entries. Interacting contraindicated drugs not marketed in the United States are not included.

Warnings/Precautions: Conditions in which special attention is required for patients. Also listed are recommended tests that should be performed during therapy, e.g., "Monitor renal function"; special side effects that may necessitate the discontinuation of therapy; and warnings to patients, e.g., "If serious diarrhea occurs, discontinue therapy." If a decision must be made whether to discontinue nursing or discontinue the drug, or if a drug should generally not be used in pregnancy, the phrase "not recommended" is used.

Interactions: Drug, some food and laboratory test interactions appear here, such as potentiation and/or antagonism of the reference drug's effects and any other clinically important potential interactions. When an interaction is suspected, all relevant drugs should be checked since reciprocal effects are not necessarily listed. Interacting drugs not marketed in the United States are not included.

Adverse reactions: Side effects and adverse drug reactions are listed in order of decreasing frequency followed by serious side effects, although possibly uncommon or rare. Side effects with an incidence of less than 1% are usually not listed; if they are, then they are qualified with words such as "rare". The term "see literature" refers to the product's current official labeling or other generally accepted sources of information.

How supplied: Package sizes are given for each listed dosage strength. Hospital-only packaging is not listed.