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Easy Screening for A-Fib

Measurement of the peripheral pulse (MPP) at the radial artery is feasible as a simple noninvasive screening tool for paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (pAF).

Cutting Unnecessary Prostate Biopsies

Among patients who have a prostate biopsy that is negative for cancer, an epigenetic assay may identify those who do not require repeat biopsy.

Boston Marathon Radiology Response

The surge in imaging utilization after the Boston Marathon bombing stressed emergency radiology operations.

Faster Cheaper T1DM Test?

Researchers claim to have developed a new diagnostic test for type 1 diabetes that could expand testing at a much lower cost worldwide.

1 in 5 Teens HIV Tested

Only one in five sexually active U.S. teens have been tested for HIV, a new government report shows.

CIMT Utility Variations

The usefulness of carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT) varies with the comprehensiveness of the assessment.

Siblings Better Predict Child Obesity

A sibling may be a better predictor of a child's obesity status than his or her parents, especially for same-gender siblings.

Chart: Liver Function Assessment

Review this chart for quick information when you need it.

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