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Pediatric Chronic Rhinosinusitis: Treatment Options to Consider

By Jun 20, 2018

Because determining an appropriate treatment plan for a patient depends on the subtype of the disease, it is imperative for providers to know and understand the underlying mechanisms of CRS as well as the components included in a medical evaluation of a patient.

Taking Advantage of a Drug-Drug Interaction: A Case of Valproic Acid Toxicity

By Jun 14, 2018

A significant decrease in the patient's serum VPA concentration was observed following the first dose of meropenem as well as over the next 14 hours (to 36.5mg/mL). Additionally, the patient was reported to become more alert despite increased serum ammonia levels.

Does Metformin Use Increase the Risk for Lactic Acidosis in T2D Patients?

By Jun 06, 2018

Results demonstrated an incidence rate of 391/100,000 person years was calculated based on the 163 patients who were hospitalized with lactic acidosis during the follow-up period.

Herpes Zoster Vaccination Rates Assessed Among People Living With HIV

By May 28, 2018

The authors found that vaccination rates varied between 1.5% and 42.4% at the 6 institutions assessed and that 21.3% of eligible patients at the University of Colorado received HZV prior to the intervention.

Pegloticase Retreatment Effective for Gout After Gap in Therapy

By May 24, 2018

The study authors retrospectively analyzed the charts of 4 chronic gout patients from a practice-based rheumatology clinic.

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