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Oxygen Tx for Cluster Headache 'Not Prohibitively Expensive', Study Says

By Sep 14, 2017

The study concluded that the cost of medical grade oxygen for the acute treatment of CH is not prohibitively expensive for patients or for insurance providers.

Long-Term Effectiveness of Adalimumab Examined in RA

By Sep 14, 2017

The authors reported that of the patients who continued taking adalimumab for ≥1 year, 67.0% were considered in low disease activity (LDA)/remission (CDAI ≥10).

Ask the Expert: How Do You Manage MS-Related Urinary Retention?

By Sep 13, 2017

MPR interviewed Dr. John Stoffel to discuss the strategies for diagnosis and management of urinary retention in MS patients, as well as his recommendations for optimal care for these patients.

Higher Incidence of GI Symptoms in Female IBS Patients on Clopidogrel

By Sep 11, 2017

The results showed a higher proportion of patients with GI symptoms on clopidogrel (68%) compared to controls (60%, P=0.0011) that were Females (70% vs. 60%, P=0.0003) not Males (61 vs. 60%; P=0.8312).

Doxepin Evaluated for Sleep Disturbances in Patients with Chronic Pain

By Sep 08, 2017

Compared with placebo, data for the 3mg, 6mg, and combined active doxepin treatment groups significantly improved all PSG and subjective evaluated sleep outcomes for all days and nights up to Night 30.

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