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Post-Food Consumption Cardiac Arrest May Indicate Rare Heart Condition

By Sep 22, 2017

Researchers concluded that vagal stimulus-dependent SCA after eating a large bite of food may be the first symptom of BS.

Antibiotic Class Linked to Increased Risk of GI Perforation

By Sep 18, 2017

The researchers compared a cohort of 17,510 individuals diagnosed with GI perforation to a matched group of 1,751,000 controls.

What Are the Clinical Characteristics of Hepatic Sarcoidosis?

By Sep 18, 2017

Most patients were asymptomatic and the diagnosis was discovered in pursuit of other abnormal biochemical tests and imaging studies. In the majority of patients, alkaline phosphatase (ALP) and gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGT) were elevated (88 and 90%, respectively).

Treating HCV Infection May Prevent Development of Chronic Kidney Disease

By Sep 18, 2017

Using several databases, the researchers examined the association of HCV infection with the incidence of CKD.

Does Prenatal Biologic Therapy for IBD Affect Infant Vaccine Response?

By Sep 18, 2017

In addition, the researchers assayed umbilical cord blood samples from 33 infants to assess the concentration of biologic agents.

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