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Clinicians Fail to Recognize Signs of Rare but Deadly Infection

By Mar 06, 2018

In this month's case we look at a situation where a patient and his family had one idea about diagnosis/treatment, and the clinicians had another.

He Said, She Said: Clinician Sued After Patient Suffers Severe Drug Reaction

By Feb 07, 2018

It is essential to document warnings, especially significant ones, like this.

Patient's Special Arrangement With Physician Leads to Lawsuit After Death

By Jan 09, 2018

The physician only took the patient's blood pressure twice a year and did no other medical checks, following his requests. After the patient died of colon cancer, the patient's widow sued the physician.

When Does a Patient's Responsibility Rise to Contributory Negligence?

By Dec 05, 2017

A patient is misdiagnosed twice and doesn't get a doctor recommended blood test, the patient subsequently died. Was there contributory negligence on behalf of the patient?

Clinician Misses Medication Error After Signing Off on Unread Email

By Nov 02, 2017

In this case a doctor signs off on an e-mail prescription without reviewing leading to dire consequences.

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