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Inhaler, Epinephrine Use Often Incorrect

Few people know how to use epinephrine injectors and asthma inhalers as directed

OTC Oral Allergy Treatments

Review this chart on OTC oral allergy drugs for quick information when you need it.

Metal Implant Allergy: Rare Skin Cancer?

A rare type of skin cancer has been linked to allergic reactions to metal implants.

SLIT-Tab Tx Safe for Asthmatics?

Patients with asthma may be more susceptible to adverse drug events with sublingual immunotherapy tablet (SLIT-tablet) treatment.

FDA: Asthma Drug Dangers

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning about a slightly increased risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events among patients being treated with Xolair (omalizumab; Genentech and Novartis) for asthma compared to those not treated with Xolair.

Toothpaste as Allergy Treatment?

Dr. William Reisacher from Weill Cornell Medical College has developed a toothpaste that could provide an alternative to current allergy treatments in an easy-to-use formula.

Climate Change and Worldwide Health Risks

Climate change may contribute to a significant increase in heat-related disorders including heat stress, respiratory disorders, infectious diseases, and mental health disorders by the year 2050 in the United States.

Antibiotics in Foods: Anaphylaxis Risk?

Anaphylactic reactions to antibiotics may occur after exposure via fruit consumption.

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