New Drug Product: Anoro Ellipta

Long-term maintenance treatment of airflow obstruction in COPD, including chronic bronchitis and/or emphysema.

Bill Could Prosecute Pregnant Women

The TN governor will vote on a bill allowing pregnant women to be prosecuted if they illegally take drugs and the fetus or newborn is ...

Diabetes-Related Complications Decline

Rates of diabetes-related complications have declined substantially over the past two decades.

First Adult Human Stem Cells Cloned

For the first time, researchers have successfully cloned cells from adult humans using somatic cell nuclear transfer.

12 Million Patients Misdiagnosed Yearly

New research in BMJ Quality & Safety reports that about 12 million adult patients are misdiagnosed each year in outpatient clinics.

Marijuana Smoking, Brain Changes

A study has found that in young people, even occasional marijuana smoking can alter the regions of the mind pertaining to motivation and emotion.

Parental Concerns About Immunization

An expert discusses why undervaccination is on the rise and how she approaches the concerns raised by parents regarding vaccinations.

Thromboembolic Disorder Treatments

Quickly review our comprehensive overview of thromboembolic disorder treatments without DVT/PEs at the point of care.

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Drug Updates


  • Neurologic Disorders > Multiple sclerosis
  • Additional dosage strength and updated Adults dosing.
  • Updated: 4/18/2014


  • Dermatological Disorders > Acne
  • Additional 75mg dosage strength available.
  • Updated: 4/17/2014


  • Infectious Diseases > Bacterial infections
  • Additional 75mg dosage strength available.<br />
  • Updated: 4/17/2014

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