New Drug Product: Entyvio

Moderately-to-severely active ulcerative colitis.

Flesh-Eating Bacteria at the Beach?

Health officials in Florida have issued a warning that a bacteria that causes flesh-eating disease has infected at least 11 people in the state.

Healthcare Changes Over 100 Years

In the past 100 years, social and technological changes have drastically changed the way in which patients are treated in hospitals for the better.

Dangerous Spider Bites on the Rise

Although the bite of a brown recluse spider is poisonous, the wounds usually heal well if left alone.

Five-a-Day May Be Enough for Longevity

The USDA recommends at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables per day, but does eating more contribute to additional health benefits?

Ebola Unlikely to Spread to U.S.

The deadly Ebola virus that continues to rage throughout West Africa poses little risk to Americans, U.S. health officials have stressed.

Smartphones as Diagnostic Devices

The safety, efficacy, accuracy, and risks associated with these apps for both physicians and consumers are largely unknown.

Seizures with "Crazy Monkey" Drug

A recent case of the use of synthetic marijuana emphasizes that it should not be consumed by anyone (including pets).

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Drug Updates


  • Oncology > Leukemias, lymphomas, and other hematologic cancers
  • Additional Warnings/Precautions regarding hypocalcemia.
  • Updated: 7/31/2014


  • Oncology > Cytoprotective and supportive care agents
  • Additional Warnings/Precautions regarding hypocalcemia.
  • Updated: 7/31/2014


  • Immune Disorders > Organ rejection prophylaxis
  • Additional Warnings/Precautions with new or reactivated viral infections.
  • Updated: 7/30/2014

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