New Product: Orbactiv

Acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections.

Poll: Do You E-Prescribe Narcotics?

Despite low initial adoption numbers, a significant upward trend for e-prescribing of controlled substances has been noted in the U.S.

Why Texting Could Ruin Your Spine

Tilting the head forward to use smart devices for reading and texting may be putting as much as 60lbs of excess stress on the cervical spine and leading to early wear, tear, and degeneration.

Antibacterial Chemical Linked to Liver Tumors

Triclosan, a synthetic broad-spectrum antibacterial compound used in consumer products (including soaps, cosmetics, therapeutics, and plastics), has been linked to hepatic tumors in mice in a new study.

Chart Comments Lead to Defamation Lawsuit

A clinician's opinions about a patient, noted in the patient's chart, become grounds for charges of defamation.

Kiss and Make Microbiota?

An article published in the journal Microbiome investigates just how many bacteria are transferred during a short intimate kiss.

Omega-3 Supplementation May Prevent Psychosis Development

New research shows that patients who are at an increased risk for developing psychosis may benefit from omega-3 supplementation.

Best Way to Pop a Pill

A new study sought to evaluate the influence of two techniques for swallowing tablets and capsules - the pop-bottle method and the lean-forward technique.

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Drug Updates


  • Cardiovascular Disease > Thromboembolic disorders
  • Approved for treatment of DVT, PE; and risk reduction of recurrent DVT or PE.
  • Updated: 11/20/2014


  • Cardiovascular Disease > Pulmonary hypertension
  • Monograph added.
  • Updated: 11/19/2014


  • Cardiovascular Disease > Pulmonary hypertension
  • Added Limitation of use.<br />
  • Updated: 11/18/2014

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